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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Introducing Bait Fish Squirt: Our First Family Pet

I tried to make M. believe it was a dog when I texted him to say we had our first family pet.  G has been wanting a dogView full post »

Jekyll Island Convention Center – My Art of Driftwood Beach

Some folks had asked for a better image of my photograph at the new Jekyll Island Convention Center, so here we are!  IView full post »

Jekyll: Driftwood Beach

Despite beginning the week with a tropical storm and ending the week with 110+ heat index, we had a fantastic time atView full post »

Bright New Day

Another day spent exploring the backyard…View full post »

Catching Up with the Boys Again – April and most of May!

I’ve fallen woefully behind in my blogging.  LOTS of different days and events here.View full post »

The Way I View Fatherhood

Carrying me where my feet can’t take me, and waiting for me when I fall behind.  View full post »