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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The One: June Edition

Ah, June.  I’ve had so much fun shooting this month!  So happy to feel like the fog is lifting. I chose this oneView full post »

Wrapped up

In a web of beautiful destruction.View full post »

No Where to Go

Most days are rush, rush and out the door.  Occasionally we get a day to just linger in pajamas.View full post »

The Stuff of Bird Nests

While I teleworked this week, I would notice a little bird busy building a nest… in our stroller on the porch. View full post »

A Circle of Friends who Love Film: Water

We chose blurred water as our theme this month, and my images didn’t get back in time!  So my buddies encouragedView full post »

Hiking, wading, and finding ticks.

One more roll of color film developed at home.  The tones were green, but such a thrill to see those preview scans popView full post »

Warm summer night.

With sticks for swords, and a pup for protection.  Simple delights of summer.View full post »

Rut Buster

I never really understood what people meant when they talked about a creative rut.  Then I had one.  One day I’mView full post »

No napping

Despite all my desires otherwise, G’s not having the naps.  And if I found treats like this while my brother wasView full post »