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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Crawfish catching.

This was a little hard to photograph because everything was so GREEN, but this was such a fun time to share.  MyView full post »

A day in the mountains.

We were fortunate to have a week to spend in my hometown over Memorial Day week.  We visited my dear friend Meg andView full post »

Between the trees

I became fascinated with a bench at the beach and the people it attracted. Older couples. Men waiting on strolling wivesView full post »

The pier

Fishing is a powerful thing.  A sport that unites people across races, ages, and genders.  I explored the pier one dayView full post »

Us at Driftwood

We went down to Driftwood one night to let the boys explore the trees.  These were fun because George took some of themView full post »

My boys

Nothing really unites these images except they are mine.  My boys.  All of them: the movement, the questions, the ear-View full post »

Monkey see, monkey do.

By the end of the year, I have a similar number of photos for each child, but for this past month, I’m definitelyView full post »

Jekyll sand

For some of our trip, we had muddy water and sand from the hurricane that passed over the Carolina shores.  Before weView full post »

Empty defined.

Empty:  Containing nothing, having none of the usual or appropriate contents. Not empty:  For as the rain and the snowView full post »