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August 2016: Why there’s No “The One”

Every month, we take a moment to choose our favorite photo of the month – known as The One.  I must confess, I’ve not picked up my big camera since vacation.  I decided to scroll through my phone to see if anything jumped out at me.  Um, nope.  But I did realize where my precious down time has gone.

I made a scrapbook for my niece for the first time, and a planner for my mom.


I learned how to piece quilts for the first time.  And baste them (lower left!)

I practiced quilting on a quilt for the first time.  And learned it’s harder than it looks.  So I removed stitches from a quilt for the first time. 
I bought back an old sewing machine that the new owners had neglected.  (First time I’d ever re-bought the exact same item I’d sold on Craigslist!)  I removed a bobbin and hook mechanism for the first time.  And learned my repairs skills have limitations as I now head to the repair guy – not the first time!

Walt and I preserved fruit for the first time!  We bought canning supplies and made pear butter.

And judging from the current state of my table, I’ll use those supplies again really soon!

So that’s the result of a miserably hot August month in Georgia – lots of indoor projects and weekends spent at home.  Hopefully September will yield some cooler temps and more time to play outdoors!




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