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October: The One

October has flown by with November demanding a similar pace. We recently had a bible character night at church.  Participation varies but this year they were both all in.  Walt studied their characters with them and I put together some homegrown costumes.

Until the night of.  My oldest had doubts about whether the other kids would dress up, and particularly about whether he wanted to go on stage.  He became fussy about everything else – the costume, the beard, and particularly, every word that came out of my mouth.

He asked me to stay though, and I watched him power through every fact he’d ever learned about King Solomon.  My little Nehemiah is an extrovert and I take it for granted he will enjoy being on stage.  He did enjoy it but only with the safety of his Nehemiah cheat sheet. 

And as I reflected on how they did, I had to repent of my own pride and insecurities that get mixed up in raising children.  What truly matters is not that.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the gift of children, and for guiding us and forgiving us.
Father God, I pray they will accept the sacrifice of Your Son.
May they heed the words of Solomon, and may kindness and truth never leave them.
I pray they will trust in You with all their heart, and not lean on their own understanding.
I pray God, they will seek and find wisdom and gain understanding for nothing we desire compares to her.
You tell us that long life is in her right hand; and riches and honor are in her left hand.  Her ways are pleasant ways, and her paths are peace.
What more could a mother want for a son?

I pray they will remember the example of Nehemiah – may they mourn for the things that grieve You.
May they praise You and pray to You in days of distress.

May they see the outpouring of Your favor always, and when they feel fear,
they would remember God is great and awesome and to fight.

May they continue the great work You’ve given them to do and refuse to come down to their enemies.
May their enemies lose their confidence and recognize this work has been accomplished with the help of their God.
I ask all this in the name of Christ,