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Sewing Room Re-do #operationikea

Through an unexpected kindness, I recently upgraded my sewing machine to one with a knee lift!  As much as I loved it,View full post »

Homegrown DIY: A drapery crafting table

I’ve been learning to make curtains courtesy of some fantastic courses by Susan Woodcock. For the mostView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Final 2014 Project!

While I’m done painting for a bit, I’m documenting my final projects for the year because I discovered aView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Rehabbing Family Pieces part 2

This is part two of my family pieces rehab post. This wardrobe belonged to my grandmother and my mother used it forView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Rehabbing Family Pieces part 1

In my quest to furnish and decorate with secondhand pieces, none are more precious than those given to me by my familyView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Gel Stain over Chalk Paint and Glaze

Remember the saga of my end tables? There’s an unexpected sequel for my father-in-law:  they never fully “View full post »

Homegrown DIY: Vintage Ribbon Lampshade Repair Tutorial

As I’ve begun finding my own decorating preferences, I’ve realized I’ve got a “thang” forView full post »

Homegrown DIY: The Pursuit and Redo of Elusive End Tables

In my quest to decorate on a dime, I spotted matching end tables on Craigslist.  I felt they were overpriced for theView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Painting a Family Hand-Me-Down Blue!

Soon after we married, Walt’s family gave us an oak pedestal table.  It was perfectly sized for our little familyView full post »