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Author Parade

We had a great time today celebrating our favorite books.   The third grade has been studying fairy tales and fablesView full post »

Quilt #4: Red, White, and Blue

A few months back, I hit upon a Craigslist fabric hoard worth the 4 hour round trip.  As I sorted the huge contractorView full post »

Jekyll Island 2016

One of my favorite places on earth is Jekyll Island. I was thrilled to have my mother go with us for a long weekend lastView full post »

Victoria Bryant State Park

We visited Victoria Bryant State Park over the weekend to go on their haunted hayride.  We had a great time and wentView full post »

October: The One

October has flown by with November demanding a similar pace. We recently had a bible character night at church. View full post »

Quilts #2 and #3

I finished quilts #2 and #3 recently.  I used Elizabeth Hartman’s scattered squares pattern and pieced aView full post »

My Hot Mess Quilt

I just finished my first quilt and I learned some things along the way that I don’t want to forget! First theView full post »

September: The One

What happens when you don’t download your camera’s card until over 2 months later?  A photo taken 68 daysView full post »

August 2016: Why there’s No “The One”

Every month, we take a moment to choose our favorite photo of the month – known as The One.  I must confess, I&#View full post »