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April in Review

I did a lot of shooting this month with my niece’s prom.  Some other moments to share. An Easter egg hunt withView full post »

My niece’s prom

My niece marked her prom date in my calendar before she even asked me.  She knew despite me saying “I really donView full post »

March in Review

So I picked up the camera 2 times during March.  First, a trip to Legoland.  We heard unofficially that “Ben andView full post »

My journey.

I’ve read some authentic blog posts lately. Written by individuals with the courage to share about their strugglesView full post »

February in Review

February found me grabbing the camera a few more times.  I’ve had a little bit of trouble getting G in front ofView full post »

New day and a new name.

A little blogging history… I started blogging in 2011 as The name fit as I was doing aView full post »

January in review

Today I scrambled to dig photos for G’s student of the week deal, and he asked, “Do you still take picturesView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Final 2014 Project!

While I’m done painting for a bit, I’m documenting my final projects for the year because I discovered aView full post »

Homegrown DIY: Rehabbing Family Pieces part 2

This is part two of my family pieces rehab post. This wardrobe belonged to my grandmother and my mother used it forView full post »